A dataset with developmental scores at the item level for 707 unique children measured at two time points.



A data.frame with 1335 rows and 269 variables:

ctrcdchrCountry code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3)
cohortchrCohort name
cohortnchrCohort number
subjidintChild number
agedaysintAge (days)
sexchrEither "male" or "female"
gagebrthintGestational age (days)
by3cgd0220/1Mirror Image Series: Responds positively
by3cgd0230/1Plays with string
by3cgd0240/1Bangs in play
by3cgd0250/1Searches for fallen object
by3cgd0260/1Bell Series: Manipulates
by3cgd0270/1Picks Up Block Series: Reaches for second block
by3cgd0280/1Pulls cloth to obtain object
by3cgd0290/1Pulls string adaptively
by3cgd0300/1Retains both blocks
by3cgd0310/1Bell Series: Rings purposely
by3cgd0320/1Looks at pictures
by3cgd0330/1Picks Up Block Series: Retains 2 of 3 blocks
by3cgd0340/1Searches for missing objects
by3cgd0350/1Takes blocks out of cup
by3cgd0360/1Block Series: 1 Block
by3cgd0370/1Picks up Block Series: 3 blocks
by3cgd0380/1Explores holes in pegboard
by3cgd0390/1Pushes car
by3cgd0400/1Finds hidden object
by3cgd0410/1Suspends ring
by3cgd0420/1Removes pellet
by3cgd0430/1Clear Box: Front
by3cgd0440/1Squeezes object
by3cgd0450/1Finds hidden object (Reversed)
by3cgd0460/1Removes lid from bottle
by3cgd0470/1Pegboard Series: 2 holes
by3cgd0480/1Relational Play Series: Self
by3cgd0490/1Pink Board Series: 1 piece
by3cgd0500/1Finds hidden object (Visible Displacement)
by3cgd0510/1Blue Board Series: 1 piece
by3cgd0520/1Clear Box: Sides
by3cgd0530/1Relational Play Series: Others
by3cgd0540/1Block Series: 9 Blocks
by3cgd0550/1Pegboard Series: 6 Pegs
by3cgd0560/1Pink Board Series: Completes
by3cgd0570/1Uses pencil to obtain object
by3cgd0580/1Blue Board Series: 4 Pieces
by3cgd0590/1Attends to story
by3cgd0600/1Rotated pink board
by3cgd0610/1Object assembly (Ball)
by3cgd0620/1Completes Pegboard: 25 Seconds
by3cgd0630/1Object assembly (Ice Cream Cone)
by3cgd0640/1Matches pictures
by3cgd0650/1Representational play
by3cgd0660/1Blue Board Series: Completes (75 seconds)
by3cgd0670/1Imitates a two-step action.
by3cgd0680/1Matches 3 colors
by3cgd0690/1Imaginary play
by3cgd0700/1Understands concept of one
by3cgd0710/1Multischeme combination play
by3cgd0720/1Concept Grouping: colour
by3cgd0730/1Concept Grouping: Size
by3cgd0740/1Compares masses
by3cgd0750/1Matches size
by3cgd0760/1Discriminates pictures
by3cgd0770/1Simple pattern
by3cgd0780/1Sorts pegs by colour
by3cgd0790/1Counts (One-to-one correspondence)
by3cgd0800/1Discriminates size
by3cgd0810/1Identifies 3 incomplete pictures
by3cgd0820/1Object assembly (Dog)
by3cgd0830/1Discriminates patterns
by3cgd0840/1Spatial memory
by3cgd0850/1Counts (Cardinally)
by3cgd0860/1Number constancy
by3cgd0870/1Laces card
by3cgd0880/1Classifies objects
by3cgd0890/1Understands concept of more
by3exd0030/1Vocalizes mood
by3exd0050/1Social vocalization or laughing
by3exd0060/12 Vowel sounds
by3exd0070/1Gets attention
by3exd0080/12 Consonant sounds
by3exd0090/1Uses gestures
by3exd0100/1Consonant-Vowel Combination Series: 1 Combination
by3exd0110/1Participates in play routine
by3exd0120/1Jabbers expressively
by3exd0130/1Consonant-Vowel Combination Series: 4 Combination
by3exd0140/1Uses one-word approximations
by3exd0150/1Directs attention of other
by3exd0160/1Imitates word
by3exd0170/1Initiates play interaction
by3exd0180/1Uses Words Appropriately Series: 2 words
by3exd0190/1Uses word to make wants known
by3exd0200/1Names Object Series: 1 Object
by3exd0210/1Combines word and gesture
by3exd0220/1Names Picture Series: 1 Picture
by3exd0230/1Uses Words Appropriately Series: 8 words
by3exd0240/1Answers yes or no verbally in response to questions
by3exd0250/1Imitates a two-word utterance
by3exd0260/1Uses a two-word utterance
by3exd0270/1Names Object Series: 3 Object
by3exd0280/1Names Picture Series: 5 Pictures
by3exd0290/1Uses multiple-word utterances
by3exd0300/1Uses pronouns
by3exd0310/1Names Action Picture Series: 1 Picture
by3exd0320/1Poses multiple-word questions
by3exd0330/1Makes a contingent utterance
by3exd0340/1Uses verb +ing
by3exd0350/1Names Action Picture Series: 3 Pictures
by3exd0360/1Uses different word combinations
by3exd0370/1Names Action Picture Series: 5 Pictures
by3exd0380/1Uses plurals
by3exd0390/1Answers what or where questions
by3exd0400/1Uses possessives
by3exd0410/1Names 4 colours
by3exd0420/1Answers questions logically (Related to functions)
by3exd0430/1Tells how an object is used
by3exd0440/1Uses prepositions
by3exd0450/1Uses present progressive form
by3exd0460/1Describes Pictures Series: Uses 4-5 word sentences
by3exd0470/1Describes Pictures Series: Uses past tense
by3exd0480/1Describes Pictures Series: Uses future tense
by3fmd0160/1Reaches unilaterally
by3fmd0170/1Food Pellet Series: Raking grasp
by3fmd0180/1Block Series: Partial thumb opposition
by3fmd0190/1Transfers ring
by3fmd0200/1Food Pellet Series: Whole hand grasp
by3fmd0210/1Transfers block
by3fmd0220/1Block Series: Thumb-fingertip grasp
by3fmd0230/1Brings spoons or blocks to midline
by3fmd0240/1Food Pellet Series: Partial thumb opposition
by3fmd0250/1Lifts cup by the handle
by3fmd0260/1Food Pellet Series: Thumb-fingertip grasp
by3fmd0270/1Turns pages of books
by3fmd0280/1Grasp series: Palmar grasp
by3fmd0290/1Isolates extended ring finger
by3fmd0300/1Scribbles spontaneously
by3fmd0310/1Block Stacking Series: 2 blocks
by3fmd0320/1Imitates Stroke Series: Random
by3fmd0330/1Places 10 pellets in bottle (60 seconds)
by3fmd0340/1Grasp series: Transitional grasp
by3fmd0350/1Coins in slot
by3fmd0360/1Connecting Blocks: Apart
by3fmd0370/1Grasp Series: Intermediate (Tripod) grasp
by3fmd0380/1Block stacking Series: 6 blocks
by3fmd0390/1Uses hand to hold paper in place
by3fmd0400/1Imitates Strokes Series: Horizontal
by3fmd0410/1Imitates Strokes Series: Vertical
by3fmd0420/1Connecting Blocks: Together
by3fmd0430/1Imitates Strokes Series: Circular
by3fmd0440/1Builds train of blocks
by3fmd0450/1Strings 3 blocks
by3fmd0460/1Imitates hand movements
by3fmd0470/1Snips paper
by3fmd0480/1Grasp Series: Dynamic grasp
by3fmd0490/1Tactilely discriminates shapes
by3fmd0500/1Builds wall
by3fmd0510/1Cuts paper
by3fmd0520/1Builds bridge
by3fmd0530/1Imitates plus sign
by3fmd0540/1Block stacking Series: 8 blocks
by3fmd0550/1Cuts on line
by3fmd0560/1Builds T
by3fmd0570/1Buttons 1 button
by3fmd0580/1Builds steps
by3fmd0590/1Traces designs
by3fmd0600/1Imitates square
by3fmd0610/1Copies plus sign
by3fmd0620/1Tapbs fingers
by3fmd0630/1Places 20 pellets in bottle
by3fmd0640/1Cuts circle
by3fmd0650/1Cuts square
by3fmd0660/1Copies square
by3gmd0190/1Sits with Support Series: 30 seconds
by3gmd0200/1Rolls from back to sides
by3gmd0210/1Elevates Trunk while Prone Series: Extended arms
by3gmd0220/1Sits with Support Series: 5 seconds
by3gmd0230/1Pulls up to sit
by3gmd0240/1Grasps foot with hands
by3gmd0250/1Rolls from back to stomach
by3gmd0260/1Sits without Support Series: 30 seconds
by3gmd0270/1Sits without support and holds objects
by3gmd0280/1Rotates trunk while seated
by3gmd0290/1Makes stepping movements
by3gmd0300/1Crawls Series: On stomach
by3gmd0310/1Crawls Series: Crawl position
by3gmd0320/1Moves from sitting to hands and knees
by3gmd0330/1Supports weight
by3gmd0340/1Crawls Series: Crawl movement
by3gmd0350/1Raises self to standing position
by3gmd0360/1Bounces while standing
by3gmd0370/1Walks Series: With support
by3gmd0380/1Walks sideways with support
by3gmd0390/1Sits down with control
by3gmd0400/1Stands alone
by3gmd0410/1Stands up Series: Alone
by3gmd0420/1Walks Series: Alone
by3gmd0430/1Walks Series: Alone with coordination
by3gmd0440/1Throws ball
by3gmd0450/1Squats without support
by3gmd0460/1Stands up Series: Mature
by3gmd0470/1Walks Up Stairs Series: Both feet on each step, with support
by3gmd0480/1Walks backward 2 steps
by3gmd0490/1Walks Down Stairs Series: Both feet on each step, with suppo
by3gmd0500/1Runs with coordination
by3gmd0510/1Balances on Right Foot Series: With support
by3gmd0520/1Balances on Left Foot Series: With support
by3gmd0530/1Walks sideways without support
by3gmd0540/1Jumps from bottom step
by3gmd0550/1Kicks ball
by3gmd0560/1Walks forward on path
by3gmd0570/1Walks Up Stairs Series: Both feet on each step, alone.
by3gmd0580/1Walks Down Stairs Series: Both feet on each step, alone
by3gmd0590/1Jumps Forward Series: 4 inches
by3gmd0600/1Balances on right Foot Series: 2 seconds, alone
by3gmd0610/1Balances on Left Foot Series: 2 seconds, alone
by3gmd0620/1Walks on tiptoes 4 steps
by3gmd0630/1Walks backward close to path
by3gmd0640/1Walks Up Stairs Series: Alternating feet, alone
by3gmd0650/1Imitates postures
by3gmd0660/1Stops from a full run
by3gmd0670/1Walks Down Stairs Series: Alternating feet, alone
by3gmd0680/1Hops 5 feet
by3gmd0690/1Balances on Right Foot Series: 8 seconds, alone
by3gmd0700/1Balances on Left Foot Series: 8 seconds, alone
by3gmd0710/1Walks heel to toe
by3gmd0720/1Jumps Forward Series: 24 inches
by3red0060/1Searches with head turn
by3red0070/1Discriminates sounds
by3red0080/1Sustained play with objects
by3red0090/1Responds to name
by3red0100/1Interrupts activity
by3red0110/1Recognizes 2 familiar words
by3red0120/1Responds to no-no
by3red0130/1Attends to other's play routine
by3red0140/1Responds to request for social routines
by3red0150/1Identifies Object Series: 1 correct
by3red0160/1Identifies object in the environment
by3red0170/1Identifies Picture Series: 1 correct
by3red0180/1Understands inhibitory words
by3red0190/1Identifies Object Series: 3 correct
by3red0200/1Follows one-part directions
by3red0210/1Identifies Picture Series: 3 Correct
by3red0220/1Identifies 3 clothing items
by3red0230/1Identifies Action Picture Series: 1 correct
by3red0240/1Identifies 5 parts of the body
by3red0250/1Follows two-part directions
by3red0260/1Identifies Action Picture Series: 3 correct
by3red0270/1Understands use of objects
by3red0280/1Understands part/whole relationships
by3red0290/1Identifies Action Picture Series: 5 correct
by3red0300/1Understands pronouns (him, me, my, you, your)
by3red0310/1Understands labels for sizes
by3red0320/1Understands Preposition Series: 2 correct
by3red0330/1Understands possessives
by3red0340/1Understands verb +ing
by3red0350/1Identifies colours
by3red0360/1Understands label of one
by3red0370/1Understands pronouns (they, he, she)
by3red0380/1Understands pronouns (his, her)
by3red0390/1Understands plurals
by3red0400/1Understands more
by3red0410/1Understands most
by3red0420/1Understands Preposition Series: 4 correct
by3red0430/1Understands negatives in sentences
by3red0440/1Understands past tense
by3red0450/1Understands labels for mass
by3red0460/1Understands least
by3red0470/1Understands less
by3red0480/1Understands descriptive labels
by3red0490/1Identifies categories of objects


The combination of subjid and agedays identifies each unique visit (row).

Instruments: Bayley III (by3).


Attanasio OP, Fernández C, Fitzsimons EOA, Grantham-McGregor SM, Meghir C, Rubio-Codina M. Using the infrastructure of a conditional cash transfer program to deliver a scalable integrated early child development program in Colombia: cluster randomized controlled trial. BMJ. 2014;349.


#> # A tibble: 6 × 269
#>   ctrycd cohort        cohortn subjid agedays sex   gagebrth by3cgd022 by3cgd023
#>   <chr>  <chr>           <int>  <int>   <int> <chr>    <int>     <int>     <int>
#> 1 COL    GCDG-COL-LT4…      49 4.90e6     457 Male       280        NA        NA
#> 2 COL    GCDG-COL-LT4…      49 4.90e6    1035 Male       280        NA        NA
#> 3 COL    GCDG-COL-LT4…      49 4.90e6     639 Fema…      266        NA        NA
#> 4 COL    GCDG-COL-LT4…      49 4.90e6    1248 Fema…      266        NA        NA
#> 5 COL    GCDG-COL-LT4…      49 4.90e6     335 Male       280        NA        NA
#> 6 COL    GCDG-COL-LT4…      49 4.90e6     913 Male       280        NA        NA
#> # ℹ 260 more variables: by3cgd024 <int>, by3cgd025 <int>, by3cgd026 <int>,
#> #   by3cgd027 <int>, by3cgd028 <int>, by3cgd029 <int>, by3cgd030 <int>,
#> #   by3cgd031 <int>, by3cgd032 <int>, by3cgd033 <int>, by3cgd034 <int>,
#> #   by3cgd035 <int>, by3cgd036 <int>, by3cgd037 <int>, by3cgd038 <int>,
#> #   by3cgd039 <int>, by3cgd040 <int>, by3cgd041 <int>, by3cgd042 <int>,
#> #   by3cgd043 <int>, by3cgd044 <int>, by3cgd045 <int>, by3cgd046 <int>,
#> #   by3cgd047 <int>, by3cgd048 <int>, by3cgd049 <int>, by3cgd050 <int>, …