A dataset with developmental scores at the item level for 226 unique children aged 1.0-2.2 years, two waves.



A data.frame with 443 rows and 192 variables:

ctrcdchrCountry code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3)
cohortchrCohort name
cohortnchrCohort number
subjidintChild number
agedaysintAge (days)
sexchrEither "male" or "female"
gagebrthintGestational age (days)
gricgd0120/1(Performance) Takes cube or toy from table
gricgd0130/1(Performance) Passes toy from hand to hand
gricgd0140/1Drops one cube for third
gricgd0150/1Manipulates 2 objects at once
gricgd0160/1Reacts to Paper IV - Plays with, crumbles, etc.
gricgd0170/1Lifts inverted cup in search of toy
gricgd0180/1Rattles box
gricgd0190/1Lifts lid off box
gricgd0200/1(Performance) Clicks 2 bricks together
gricgd0210/1Tries to take cubes out of box
gricgd0220/1Finds toy under cup
gricgd0230/1(Performance) Accepts 3rd cube without dropping
gricgd0240/1Manipulates box, lid and cubes
gricgd2010/1Remove both cubes from box (shown)
gricgd2020/1Unwraps and finds toy
gricgd2030/1One circle board - 2 trials
gricgd2040/1Opens 2 boxes
gricgd2050/1Puts cubes in and out of boxes in play
gricgd2060/1Puts 2 cubes back into one box when encouraged to do so
gricgd2070/1Two circle board - one in
gricgd2080/1Square board - 2 trials
gricgd2090/1Two circle board - two in
gricgd2100/1Can put lid back on box
gricgd2110/1(Performance) Three hole board - one in.
gricgd2120/1Puts 2 cubes into box lid on - all complete
gricgd2130/1Circle and square board together
gricgd2140/1Three-hole board - two in
gricgd2150/1(Performance) Three-hole board - three in.
gricgd2160/1Two circle board, rotated
gricgd2170/1Circle and square board rotated
gricgd2180/1(credit as 2 items)
gricgd2190/1Assembles three boxes
gricgd2200/1(credit as 2 items)
gricgd2210/1Can open screw toy
gricgd2220/1(Performance) Can open screw toy (credit as two items)
gricgd2230/1Three-hole board, rotated
gricgd2240/1(Performance) Three-hole board, rotated (credit as two items
gricgd3010/1Reassembles screw toy
gricgd3020/1Returns 9 bricks to box and replaces lid within one minute
gricgd3030/1Four-squares board completed within one minute - 2 trials
gricgd3040/1Six-hole board completed within one minute - 2 trials
gricgd3050/1Four-squares board: (40 secs).
gricgd3060/1Six-hole board: (40 secs).
gricgd4010/1Returns 9 bricks to box and replaces lid within 40 seconds
gricgd4020/1(Performance) Builds bridge with 3 boxes - inferior model bu
gricgd4030/1Assembles brick-boxes by colour - no error
gricgd4040/1Four-squares board: (15 secs)
gricgd4050/1Train under bridge successfully
gricgd4060/1Eleven-hole board (within 60 secs) Time taken (.....)
griehd0140/1Strikes one object with another
griehd0190/1Throws object
griehd0200/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Thumb opposition complete.
griehd0210/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Can point with index finger.
griehd0220/1Interest in motor car
griehd0230/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Can hold pencil as if to mark o
griehd0240/1Likes holding little toys
griehd2010/1Uses pencil on paper a little
griehd2020/1Shows preference for one hand
griehd2030/1Plays rolling a ball
griehd2040/1Can hold 4 cubes in hands at once
griehd2050/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Plays pushing little cars along
griehd2060/1Places one box, lid or brick upon another
griehd2070/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Tower of 2 bricks - imitation.
griehd2080/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Pulls paper or cloth to get toy
griehd2090/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Scribbles more freely, and deli
griehd2100/1Constructive play with boxes or other materials
griehd2110/1(Eye and Hand Coordination) Constructive play with boxes or
griehd2120/1Builds tower of 3 bricks
griehd2130/1Can throw a ball
griehd2140/1(Eye and hand) Can throw a ball
griehd2150/1Tower of 4+ bricks
griehd2160/1Enjoys vigourous scribble
griehd2170/1Can pour water from one cup to another
griehd2180/1Tower of 5+ bricks
griehd2190/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Circular scribble in imitation
griehd2200/1Makes train of 3+ bricks
griehd2210/1(Credit as 2 items)
griehd2220/1Makes a brick or toy walk
griehd2230/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Tower of 6 or 7 bricks.
griehd2240/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Draws a perpendicular stroke or
griehd3010/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Draws a horizontal stroke in im
griehd3020/1Threads 6 beads
griehd3030/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Builds a tower of 8+ bricks.
griehd3040/1Handles scissors - tries to cut paper (4 inch square)
griehd3050/1Copies a circle - primitive model. Stage I.
griehd3060/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Copies a cross -recognisable. S
griehd4010/1Folds a four-inch square of paper once (i.e. in half)
griehd4020/1Threads 12+ beads (not by pattern)
griehd4030/1(Eye and Hand Co-ordination) Can cut square into two fairly
griehd4040/1Folds a four-inch square twice
griehd4050/1Copies a 'ladder'. Stage I.
griehd4060/1Draws a 'man' recognisable. Stage I.
grigmd0190/1Crawling Reaction III: Makes some progress forwards or backw
grigmd0200/1Sits well in a chair
grigmd0210/1(Locomotor) Pulls self up and stands holding on to furniture
grigmd0220/1(Locomotor) Crawling Reaction IV: Creeps on hands and knees
grigmd0230/1(Locomotor) Side-steps around inside cot or play-pen holding
grigmd0240/1(Locomotor) Can walk when led.
grigmd2010/1Climbs on a low ledge or step
grigmd2020/1(Locomotor) Stands alone
grigmd2030/1(Locomotor) Takes a few steps alone
grigmd2040/1Kneels on floor or chair
grigmd2050/1Climbs - stairs (up)
grigmd2060/1Likes pushing pram, toy horse, etc.
grigmd2070/1(Locomotor) Walks alone well
grigmd2080/1(Locomotor) Stoops.
grigmd2090/1Develops a quick trot
grigmd2100/1Climbs into a low armchair
grigmd2110/1(Locomotor) Can walk backwards a few steps
grigmd2120/1Walks pulling toy on a string
grigmd2130/1Climbs stairs (up and down)
grigmd2140/1(Locomotor) Runs
grigmd2150/1Jumps (on the level floor)
grigmd2160/1Climbs to stand on a chair
grigmd2170/1(Locomotor) Walks upstairs- holding adult's hand
grigmd2180/1Can seat self at table
grigmd2190/1(Locomotor) Walks up and down stairs.
grigmd2200/1(Locomotor) Can kick a ball.
grigmd2210/1(Locomotor) Can jump off a step
grigmd2220/1(Locomotor) Goes alone on the stairs (any method)
grigmd2230/1Throws ball into basket
grigmd2240/1Can bring chair and seat self at table
grigmd3010/1Jumps off one step- both feet together
grigmd3020/1(Locomotor) Can stand on one foot - for 6+ seconds
grigmd3030/1Rises from kneeling without using hands
grigmd3040/1Can cross both feet and knees when seated
grigmd3050/1(Locomotor) Can stand and walk tip-toe (6+ steps)
grigmd3060/1(Locomotor) Walks upstairs: one foot on each step, adult man
grigmd4010/1Can run fast (indoors)
grigmd4040/1Walks a chalkline - 4 ft
grigmd4050/1(Locomotor) Can hop on one foot - 3+ steps
grigmd4060/1Jumps off 2 steps
grigmd5010/1Can run to kick ball
grigmd5020/1(Locomotor) Walks downstairs: one foot on each step, adult m
grihsd0130/1Responds when called
grihsd0140/12 syllable babble
grihsd0150/1Listens to conversations
grihsd0160/1(Hearing and Speech) Babbled phrases: 4 + syllables
grihsd0170/1(Hearing and Speech) Says Mama or Dada, etc. (one word clear
grihsd0180/1Listens to stop watch
grihsd0190/1(Hearing and Speech) Rings the bell
grihsd0200/1Shakes head for no
grihsd0210/1says 2 clear words
grihsd0220/1Short babbled sentences of 6+ syllables
grihsd0230/1Babbled monologue when alone
grihsd0240/1Says three clear words
grihsd2010/1Looks at pictures for a sew seconds
grihsd2020/1Tries definitely to sing
grihsd2030/1(Hearing and Speech)Knows own name.
grihsd2040/1Likes rhymes and jingles
grihsd2050/1(Hearing and Speech) Looks at pictures with interest
grihsd2060/1Uses 4 clear words
grihsd2070/1(Hearing and Speech) One object in box identified
grihsd2080/1Uses 5 clear words
grihsd2090/1Long babbled sentences - some words clear
grihsd2100/1Enjoys pictre book
grihsd2110/1Uses 6 or 7 clear words
grihsd2120/1Two objects in box identified
grihsd2130/19+ clear words
grihsd2140/1(Hearing and Speech) Four objects in box identified
grihsd2150/1(Hearing and Speech) Picture vocabulary (1)
grihsd2160/1Uses 12+ clear words
grihsd2170/1Uses word combinations
grihsd2180/1Picture vocabulary (2)
grihsd2190/1Uses 20+ clear words
grihsd2200/1Eight objects in box identified
grihsd2210/1Listens to stories
grihsd2220/1(Hearing and Speech) Names 4 objects in box
grihsd2230/1(Hearing and Speech) Picture vocabulary (4)
grihsd2240/1(Hearing and Speech) Uses sentences of 4+ syllables
grihsd3010/1Names 12 of 18 objects in box
grihsd3020/1Picture vocabulary (12)
grihsd3030/1Defines by use (2+) - cup, knife, chair, coat, car, house, p
grihsd3040/1Repeats one six-syllable sentence
grihsd3050/1Uses 2 descriptive words
grihsd3060/1Talks well in sentences of 6+ syllables (record).
grihsd4010/1Names six or more objects in large picture
grihsd4020/1Names 17-18 objects in box
grihsd4030/1Uses 2+ personal pronouns
grihsd4040/1(Hearing and Speech) Comprehension 2+ items
grihsd4050/1Picture vocabulary (18+)
grihsd4060/1(Hearing and Speech) Knows 6+ colours
grihsd5010/1(Hearing and Speech) Defines by use: 6+.
grihsd5020/1Opposites - 2
grihsd5030/1Materials (2+) "What is a table made of? .... a window? ....


The combination of subjid and agedays identifies each unique visit (row).

Instruments: Griffiths Scales (gri)


Walker SP, Chang SM, Powell CA, Grantham-McGregor SM. Psychosocial intervention improves the development of term low-birth-weight infants. The Journal of Nutrition. 2004;134:1417-1423.