The builtin_itemtable object in the dscore package contains basic meta-information about items: a name, the equate group, and the item label. The get_itemtable() function returns a subset of items in the itemtable.

get_itemtable(items = NULL, itemtable = NULL, decompose = FALSE)



A logical or character vector of item names to return. The default (NULL) returns all items.


A data.frame set up according to the same structure as builtin_itemtable(). If not specified, the builtin_itemtable is used. If itemtable = "", then a dynamic item table is created from any specified item names.


If TRUE, the function adds four columns: instrument, domain, mode and number.


A data.frame with seven columns.


head(get_itemtable(), 3)
#>        item equate
#> 1 aqicmc001   <NA>
#> 2 aqicmc002   <NA>
#> 3 aqicmc003   <NA>
#>                                                                                      label
#> 1                                Does your baby sometimes make throaty or gurgling sounds?
#> 2 After you have been out of sight, does your baby smile or get excited when she sees you?
#> 3               "Does your baby make cooing sounds such as ""ooo"", ""gah,"" and  ""ah""?"
get_itemtable(LETTERS[1:3], "")
#>   item equate       label
#> 1    A   <NA> Label for A
#> 2    B   <NA> Label for B
#> 3    C   <NA> Label for C