Chapter 5 Modelling equates

This section deals with the nitty-gritty of the modelling strategy used for the GCDG data introduced in Section 2. This section

  • provides a high-level description of the GCDG data (5.1)
  • discusses various modelling strategies (5.2)
  • shows the impact of equate groups on the model in extreme cases (5.3)
  • demonstrates visualisation of age profiles to select promising equate groups (5.4)
  • introduces a helpful visualisation of the quality of the equate group (5.5)
  • highlights infit and outfit for removing misfitting milestones (5.6)
  • discusses instrument fit and equate group editing (5.7)
  • introduces a grading system for equate groups (5.8)
  • provides pointers to the final model (5.9)