Chapter 10 Next steps

This section provides a quick overview of the relevance, concepts and techniques of the D-score. While the results obtained thus far are encouraging, some questions will certainly remain when we put the method to practice.

A rough selection of such questions includes:

  • What is the added value of the D-score in practice?
  • Does the D-score extend to higher ages?
  • Is the assumption of uni-dimensionality reasonable for other ages and populations?
  • Can we calculate the D-score from instruments other than the DDI?
  • Is it reasonable to assume that milestone difficulty is identical in other populations?
  • Does the method apply to caregiver-reported milestones?
  • Would a dedicated D-score instrument be more efficient?
  • How many milestones are “enough?”
  • Can the same scale be used for measurement at individual, group and population levels?
  • Can the D-score detect delayed development?
  • Would the D-score help to target early interventions?

This section briefly reviews some of these issues.